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My First Track day....

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My First Track day....

Post by Remy on Wed Aug 31, 2011 7:44 am

OK... So for my birthday this year, the lovely Blackroc called my bluff and booked me a track day... EEEKKK. For all my bravado, i'd never seen a track let alone been on one. So i was quite surprised given my normal relative confidence to feel rather twitchy and a little out of my comfort zone travelling down there.

The great thing was that it was a very easy track. (im presuming they are usually alot more complicated than a 2 straights with a curve each end....) Superb for a newby and a nice introduction to a track and the associated manners that you must abide by on a track. It was very busy but very well organised and you seem to move swiftly from one booking to your next.

I have no idea what speeds i did.... Too fast to look Shocked

I completely loved it and its amazing to fly past a ferrari and an EVO Laughing Cool

Definately want to do more track stuff but on a more advanced track and would like to track my own tbh.... There was noone on the track to watch and emulate bar the guy who took you round as a passenger ride, it was all newbys which is fine but the guy who was sitting with me even thought id done it before as my lines where spot on and noone was really doing that but it was the fastest way back out to the straight Cool. My competitive spirit roared loud and clear Smile

The Audi was fantastic. So responsive. I wished i'd drove it second as when id found my feet i was then in the aston which tbh... felt a little slow compared to the audi. All in all tho, loved the day. A great day for a beginner tbh.

So thank you Blackroc! Roll on the time test when we get the 123d and the 130 to track 😉

PS... You were given scores for the events you did.... And yes boys! Remy WON Very Happy :spotman: :spotman: :spotman:

Mr Roc

Remys gonna get you EVO...... Laughing I toasted him about 5 seconds later and a guy in a ferrari too Very Happy Proper adrenaline rush! And no coppers to watch out for..... :fest:

My first lap!! in the Audi R8... Feeling the heat behind me Shocked

Can i keep it? Please?


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Re: My First Track day....

Post by Sootchucker on Wed Aug 31, 2011 8:11 am

The two cars were actually like chalk and cheese..

The Audi was very easy to drive, very safe, very quick and could be thrown about with reckless abandon and boy did I try!

The Aston was actually very heavy and sluggish in comparison - and handled very poorly and was all over the place if you cornered too hard. This was highlighted when I got her proper sideways and the TC cut in and removed all the power when i wanted to keep the drift!!

I would go as far as to say that both mine and Remy's cars would have out handled the Aston - it really felt its weight and a little bit out of its depth on a track

Watching the other drivers, it was clear that we were the least 'fazed' by driving the supercars, we seemed to be the only ones bothering to overtake anyone!! I even overtook the proper driver doing a flying lap when I was in the R8

Was a very fun day though - and yes Remy scored more points overall...

A) I was power sliding and having fun more than hitting the lines which I know was the point
B) I won the 'Track Day' part - Remy scored more points on the 4x4 offroad track to win driving a rough old banger of a Landrover - so maybe she had found her niche here lol! She got extra points for 'smooth driving' - this meant she avoided all the bloody pot holes which surely off roading is all about???

However - I got my own back....I parked the Landy next to a huge puddle that Remy had to wade through in her jeans to get to the car.....she screamed loud enough that only cats and dolphins could here each time she put her foot in the cold muddy water

And Remy hasnt mentioned that she nearly dumped a £100k Aston gearbox all over the track....first found second found.......CRUNCH...GRIND.... another gear in the gearbox! Five of us all looked at one another and went 'OOOOOOooohhhhh!' when she did that!!!


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